Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Launch !!!

Well....I did it....I let myself get sucked into the world of blogging !!! LOL.....I think, however, that it might actually be fun !!  I will have a place to post all of my 'randomness', as well as some tutorials, and it will give me a place to share things with you !!  Any one who knows me, knows that I tend to be a "Jack of all trades....master of nothing!!"...LOL....Heaven only knows what will show up on this blog....could be cooking...decorating cakes....decorating the house....painting....sewing.....there's just NO telling !!!  The only thing I can tell you, is that it will probably show up "weekly"...just don't know if I can deal with a daily thing right now....then again, we'll see.....
I guess we'll just travel along to together, and see where we go !!!
A huuuge shout out to my God-daughter, (also one of my 'besties' !!) for the beautiful banner she made me !!! I love it !!!!  Check out her blog crafty !!! ;)
See....there's strength in numbers, and together we can do anything !!! ;)

Thanks for following....thanks for reading....always feel free to leave comments/ideas....and together, we will share in "La Dolce Vita"...the sweet life !!!! ;)