Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sub Roll tutorial

Sub roll tutorial !! ;)

Ok, this is super quick and easy !!
Grab one piece of a dark brown felt, and one piece of ivory felt.
Taking the ivory sheet, fold it in half lengthwise, and crease it.  Reopen to lay flat, and from where the fold line is, sketch out the shape of a sub roll.
be sure to only go to the crease, and leave 3-4 inches in the center as shown.  Obviously, here, I'm showing you how it looks with the half cut out already !  Now, you'll want to fold that half over onto the other half, and use it as a template to cut the other half (we need uniformity ! :)
Cut that out, and you'll use this completed piece to lay on top of the darker brown full sheet, so that you can use this as the template for the outside of the bread.
Now that you have the two pieces cut out, grab the darker brown piece, and using scraps from the ivory felt, cut out some shapes (almost "crescent" like) to use for the top of the roll.  Don't worry about a template or two loaves of bread "split" open the same way as they bake, so whatever you come up with will work !!
I used a dab of glue to hold those puppies in place until I could whip stitch them to the bread !! ;)

Moving on....with right sides together, blanket stitch all the around, leaving about 2 inches open.

See in the pic above how it's coming to a "V" ??  Leave that "V" as your opening.  About 2 inches open to the point of the "V", and then 2 more inches coming back out from the "V"
Go ahead and turn right side out.....

Bend the loaf in half BACKWARDS, and blanket stitch across the "connecting area"...we're trying to separate the two sections, so that when we stuff, the stuffing will stay in the half where we put it !
In the pic below, is the separating "line" we just created.
LIGHTLY stuff your two halves (you're going to notice, that I put waaaaay too much stuffing in my top half, and it puffs up a lot....lesson learned !! ;)

Once you've stuffed it, close up your openings, and you're done !
Ta Daaa !!! A sub roll which opens for making a sandwich !! ;)
 from the back (above)
 from the front (above)...see ?? Too much stuffing !! lol
Couldn't resist...made a salami and cheese sandwich !! ;)

Let me know if you have questions, and if you make one, come back and post a picture so I can see how awesome you did !!!

Mangia !! ~ Mamma Gigi

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