About Me

Ok, so this is me !! lol.....

Benvenuto a tutti ! (Welcome Everyone!)
I am so very glad that you stopped by...welcome to my little world...."la dolce vita di Mamma Gigi !!" (The sweet life of Mamma Gigi)...my real name is Gina, but a few years ago some friends (Jenny, Jake & Cory!! xoxo) started calling me "Gigi", then "Mamma", then they put the two together, and here we are !! ;) I am a stay-at-home wife and mother, and I truly feel I have THE best job in the world !! My beautiful daughter, Mia..is the light of my life, and makes every day brighter than the one before it. My Michael and I have just celebrated 18 amazing years of marriage, and this man is truly my heart !!!
I am yet another Italian Mommy...and, love so VERY much my Italian heritage/culture !!!
Here, you'll find lots of different things that I love, but always doing what we Italians do best, which is celebrating God, Family, Food & Fun !!!!
I hope you enjoy your stay with me today..... ;)